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Two-Handed PROTECTION Warrior One Shot

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Arena showcase starts at 3:47

It is time to dust off our Protection Warrior tanks, and head straight into Arena to cause destruction! With the clever use of abilities, we are geting 5 different sources of damage at once, all empowered!

Special thanks to all my Patreon supporters, appreciate you all!
Arrazy-Stormscale (EU Servers)
Lightfang - Elune (US Servers)
Jakmage - Ragnaros (EU Servers)
Aegîs - Ravencrest (EU Servers)
Plantagenant - Bladefist (US Servers)
Héliejah - Elune (EU Servers)
Sankir - EmeraldDream (US Servers)
Darthmarva - Blackmoore (EU Servers)
Elyora - BurningBlade(EU Servers)


Special thanks to Lillekatta, the best thumbnail maker!

I have been working on this video since prepatch, and it is finally here!
The ultimate combo for a Protection Warrior, that even gives you enough damage to one shot people in Arena (with varied outcomes depending on crits and the enemy armor type).

I started off with a simple combo that could be done in BGs, the damage sources was:

Dragon's Roar (crits for 3x normal damage)
Dragon Charge

We had these 3 abilities empowered thanks to 3x traits of Bastion of Might and 3x traits of Gathering Storm (this trait works with Protections Ravager talent, to stack up massive Strength)

An interesting thing with Dragon Charge is that it does damage, and it is also off the global cooldown. This makes you able to use it for free damage in a combo.
You can also /cancelaura Dragon Charge to interrupt the charge early.

We also take use of Strength of the Warden for 50% additional damage.
Reason we are using a 2 hander is because all the abilities we need for the combo is usable with a 2 hander equipped, and a 2 hander will do more damage than a 1 hander (obviously)

Still, this damage was just enough for BGs thanks to Berserking and Saltwater Potion, we needed way more damage to actually one shot people in Arenas.

So I added 3 additional sources of damage. I replaced my Badge trinket with the Writhing Segment of Drest'agath (that most of you know about)
I also casted Shattering Throw before the combo (since its a cast time, your global will be free once its done)
The final thing is the Lightforged racial Light's Judgement

Light's Judgment is perfect because it has a delay on the damage arriving, making it fit just before you start the Shattering Throw.
(Thanks to baelbeam on twitch for inspiring me to change to Lightforged)

With all of this, we are geting 5 sources of damage, with a lot of powerups

The combo can be done in a fast way with a little bit less damage (replacing Shattering Throw with auto hit) or a slower

You start both comboes with Avatar and Ravager to stack up stats
Also, you want the Warpath PvP talent for an additional stun!

For the fast one:
Heroic Leap and Light's Judgment. Global should be free when you land
Strength of the Warden
Then you unleash Auto Hit, Dragon Roar, Drest'agath Trinket, Dragon Charge and Light's Judgment all at the same time.

For the slow one:
Heroic Leap (hope that enemy trinkets Warpath or don't trinket at all)
Strength of the Warden
Intimidating Shout
Light's Judgment
Shattering Throw
Dragon Roar, Drest'agath Trinket, Dragon Charge and Light's Judgement at the same time!

Important Macroes:

/cast [@target] shattering throw

A really simple macro but important.
The issue with the second combo is that simply pressing Shattering Throw will activate your Auto Hit. And somehow Intimidating Shout seems to break on a single hit, so you want this macro to not accidently activate auto hit and break your own fear.

/cast intimidating shout

Also a simple one, just to make sure you turn off auto hit before you cast fear, so it won't break

The whole combo macro is the following:

/cast dragon roar
/use writhing segment of drest'agath
/cast dragon charge
/cancelaura dragon charge

Spam it if you want to stop your dragon charge.
I decided to use my Shattering Throw as a seperate macro (shown above)
Also add in /startattack at the start of it, if you going with the fast combo (without fear and Shattering)

Hope you thought this warrior one shot guide was interesting!


World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth OST
Composers: Neal Acree, David Arkenstone, Clint Bajakian, Sam Cardon, Derek Duke, Jason Hayes, Leo Kaliski, Kory McMaster, & Glenn Stafford.

Arathi Basin 0:00
Stromgarde Horde Intro 3:38
Night Warrior 5:20

World of Warcraft: Legion OST.
Composers: Russell Brower, Neal Acree, Sam Cardon, Edo Guidotti and Glenn Stafford

Void Elf 2:23

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