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  • 00:10 Популярные PudgeWalk


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    This was another class assignment. Make a stylized walkcycle, any rig. This was my submission. -The character Pudge is owned by Valve. -The rig was created by Andrew_Helenek. -The rig was freely given from http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails

  • 00:20 Популярные Axe Walk Cycle

    Axe Walk Cycle

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    Hi, this a walk cycle with Axe from dota 2. I made it with maya. ( 39 frames)

  • 00:38 Популярные SonNH animation demo reel 2016

    SonNH animation demo reel 2016

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    Every shot is keyframe animation. The demon rig, dragon rig, barbarian rig and the cyborg rig was made by Truongcvb, you can check out his works here: https://gumroad.com/truongcgartist The female and scorpion was are made by Andrew Helenek from Dota 2 mo

  • 00:05 Популярные Dota 2 earth spirit walk cycle

    Dota 2 earth spirit walk cycle

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    Not the official in game animation, this is a personal animation done using the Valve Dota 2 rigs in Maya. I wanted to re-do the animations for the earth spirit Dota 2 hero.