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  • 00:06 Rex Regum eSport Intro (RRQ)

    Rex Regum eSport Intro (RRQ)

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    "Rex Regum" is latin for "King of Kings", is an Indonesian based professional Dota 2 eSport team. Official Fan Page: Facebook : facebook.com/RR.Qeon Instagram : instagram.com/rexregumqeon Illustrator : Gino Partuna Motion Design : Hendi Maulana Putra

  • 00:10 PudgeWalk


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    This was another class assignment. Make a stylized walkcycle, any rig. This was my submission. -The character Pudge is owned by Valve. -The rig was created by Andrew_Helenek. -The rig was freely given from http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails

  • 00:03 Axe, attack test

    Axe, attack test

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    Quick test I did with Axe, a character from dota 2. I have to say I'm damn proud of my FXs.