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  • 00:16 Crystal Maiden loading animation

    Crystal Maiden loading animation

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    I've made this animation based on a Rylai, from Dota 2, wallpaper I've found online, please let me know if you own it, and it was so satisfying to make that I'll definitely create more loading animations soon!

  • 01:00 Популярные This is Why I Play

    This is Why I Play

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    Submission for Valve's DOTA2 Short Film Contest 2016 A Locke Stock Creative production in association with Ageless Pictures and Idiogruv creative. Director - Trevor Seeley DOP - Locke Vincent Animation + Compositing - Steven Seale/Locke Vincent Grip/Audio

  • 00:26 Популярные Beyond The Summit Open

    Beyond The Summit Open

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    Show open for DOTA 2 e-sports coverage organization "Beyond The Summit."