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  • 00:21 [DOOM] Boss Intro & Attack

    [DOOM] Boss Intro & Attack

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    Feels good to finally call this project done. Credits: Model by : Valve (DOTA 2) Rig by : David Kraaijkamp Animated by : Sonny Burge (Me)

  • 00:05 Популярные DoTA 2 Cursor VFX - Unity

    DoTA 2 Cursor VFX - Unity

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    I always wondered how the cursor click VFX was made in Dota 2, Did a small test in Unity3d using Shuriken Particle System. Not perfect though. Critics and comments welcome :)

  • 00:41 Finals, VG vs Newbee

    Finals, VG vs Newbee

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  • 00:29 Популярные Reel Melissa

    Reel Melissa

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    Animations I worked on recently. Stewart Rig by Animation Mentor Generic Male by Matt Tardiff DOTA 2 Rigs by Andrew Heleneck

  • 01:00 Популярные 【dota2 2015 Short Film Contest】Hidden Talent(tower destroyers)

    【dota2 2015 Short Film Contest】Hidden Talent(tower destroyers)

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    dota2 2015 Short Film Contest Hidden Talent(tower destroyers) Hi! This is an animated short about Axe, made by a few of us Dota 2 fans. We originally wanted to do a more serious story, but as we got to discussing the plot, it turned into more of a comedy.

  • 00:37 Популярные DELETE DOTA 2


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    Siberia Otaku Saiten 2014 Фестиваль современной и традиционной культуры Восточной Азии видеосъемка vk.com/irkrodion Music by: Woodkid – Run Boy Run Chrono Cross Time's Scar The audio content in this video belongs to the respective recording artist and rec

  • 00:14 Популярные Bristleback idle

    Bristleback idle

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    Basic idle using a Dota 2 rig. (not associated with Dota 2)

  • 00:40 Популярные Knight and Spider

    Knight and Spider

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    Credits: Storyboards - Joey Byun Animation - Joey Byun Lighting and Rendering - Joey Byun Character Rigs - Joey Byun Character Models and Textures - Dota 2

  • 05:12 Ancient Beast's Horn Head painting timelapse

    Ancient Beast's Horn Head painting timelapse

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    Timelapse video of coloring Ancient Beast's Horn Head creature. Enjoy! Finished artwork http://kasia88.deviantart.com/art/Horn-head-concept-131072670 Upcoming MMO RPG RTS (dota/HoN/LoL/homm3/diablo2 like) www.AncientBeast.com Become a fan on facebook! htt