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  • 00:03 Ember archer

    Ember archer

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    Ember Dota 2 rig that i striped down after seeing Wes Brewer's Animbreak challenge. The rig itself is very limited which was great to see how far i could push it. 2D fx done in Syncsketch and imported into After Effects for quick compositing :)

  • 00:56 Felix Vivier Animation Reel 2017

    Felix Vivier Animation Reel 2017

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    Mainly a collection of personnal projects. Professional work not available for release yet :'( Thank you for watching ! Reel Breakdown : 1. (00:02 - 00:07) Personnal project, 2017. Inspired by Japanese anime Re:Creators. Rig by OnOne Animation 2. (00:07 -