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  • 00:13 Популярные Axe Heavy Atack

    Axe Heavy Atack

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  • 01:00 Популярные 【dota2 2015 Short Film Contest】Hidden Talent(tower destroyers)

    【dota2 2015 Short Film Contest】Hidden Talent(tower destroyers)

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    dota2 2015 Short Film Contest Hidden Talent(tower destroyers) Hi! This is an animated short about Axe, made by a few of us Dota 2 fans. We originally wanted to do a more serious story, but as we got to discussing the plot, it turned into more of a comedy.

  • 00:03 Популярные Axe Attack - Splining

    Axe Attack - Splining

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    First revision of this shot. Axe Rig (Dota 2) by Andrew Helenek [Red Moon]

  • 00:03 Популярные Axe, attack test

    Axe, attack test

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    Quick test I did with Axe, a character from dota 2. I have to say I'm damn proud of my FXs.

  • 00:09 Run_Cycle_practice part 2

    Run_Cycle_practice part 2

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    Currently I am practicing to get better at making a run cycle The character is Axe from Dota 2

  • 00:03 Популярные Axe Attack - Final

    Axe Attack - Final

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    Complete Shot. Axe Rig (Dota 2) by Andrew Helenek [Red Moon]

  • 00:20 Популярные Axe Walk Cycle

    Axe Walk Cycle

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    Hi, this a walk cycle with Axe from dota 2. I made it with maya. ( 39 frames)

  • 00:04 Популярные Stay strong - 2h30 animation sketch

    Stay strong - 2h30 animation sketch

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    Sooo I've been working on the same animation at home for a long time, and I thought it would be nice to do something quick and different to change my mind. I spent about two hours and a half animating, then 1 hour rendering and 1 hour comp. The result is

  • 00:19 Популярные Dota 2 Taunt: Axe In Game

    Dota 2 Taunt: Axe In Game

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    Never got around to uploading this video showing the taunt running in game. Valve still doesn't support the taunts, but it was fun to work on them.