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  • 00:20 GOSU.AI Pre-roll

    GOSU.AI Pre-roll

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    Meet a brand new pre-roll for GOSU AI project! As always, we faced a bit of a challenge when tried to place everything our client wanted in these 20 seconds of the video. A lof of content was added and edited, it was complex, but we found a way to place e

  • 00:05 Популярные DoTA 2 Cursor VFX - Unity

    DoTA 2 Cursor VFX - Unity

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    I always wondered how the cursor click VFX was made in Dota 2, Did a small test in Unity3d using Shuriken Particle System. Not perfect though. Critics and comments welcome :)

  • 00:06 Популярные Rex Regum eSport Intro (RRQ)

    Rex Regum eSport Intro (RRQ)

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    "Rex Regum" is latin for "King of Kings", is an Indonesian based professional Dota 2 eSport team. Official Fan Page: Facebook : facebook.com/RR.Qeon Instagram : instagram.com/rexregumqeon Illustrator : Gino Partuna Motion Design : Hendi Maulana Putra

  • 01:18 Популярные Demo Reel 2012 Jakub Mirola updated

    Demo Reel 2012 Jakub Mirola updated

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    Hello everyone, here is my updated version of my demoreel. This reel is my first attempt and it is focused for 2D and texturing art. I hope you like it :)