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Dota 2: Arteezy - Revealing hidden Support Talent | Banned from playing Pos 4 because he's too Good

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Arteezy begins the first game a bit tilted, since he had a game ruiner in his previous game. Laning stage goes well for Arteezy, until Ember Spirit showed up without skilling Chains. Tilted and lacking interest in the game, Arteezy makes some sub-optimal plays around the map.

When all's going bad, pick Terrorblade and farm your heart out. That is what Arteezy did in the second game, but items and levels don't matter if you get solo Chrono'd and Dueled every fight. Arteezy's losing streak continues.

He decides to 'detox' by playing position 4 Lion, but his lack of support experience is evident. Even channeling his inner Cr1t by playing Danish music, was not enough to help him win the game. Didn't help that the enemy's 2nd pick Tinker, was able to farm a Blink Dagger and Boots of Travels by minute 12.

Lifestealer's the pick for Arteezy's final game of the stream. Solo Chrono'd every team fight. Exort Invoker on his team. Hard targetted.

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00:00 - 09:13 - Morph back to Reality
09:14 - 12:58 - Oh there goes Terror's Sanity
12:59 - 18:11 - Lion's dope but he's Broke
18:12 - 27:12 - Lifestealer's soul's escaping, through his Throne that is gaping

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